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How To Run A Halloween Haunted House Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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A Halloween haunted house fundraiser is a really fun way to raise money! The great part about this kind of fundraiser is once you put together all the items you need for your haunted house, you can run it every year!


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

The two most important things you need for your fundraiser are a location for your haunted house and decorations. The location is fairly simple to find. Reach out to local businesses and members of your community to see if anyone would be willing to volunteer their home or work space. Once you have a location, your fundraiser gets a bit more challenging. You’re going to need lots of supplies including:




-glow in the dark items

-fake cobwebs

-big cardboard boxes for displays

-scary costumes for volunteers


Putting together your haunted house:

You’re going to need a whole lot of volunteers in order to make this halloween haunted house fundraiser work. Put together a plan with exactly what you want to have at your haunted house, and divide up each task between your volunteers. Have each volunteer complete their part of your haunted house and bring it to your haunted house location before your fundraising event. You’ll need to have a map of the location where you’re having your fundraiser, with accurate measurements for your volunteers. 


As you can imagine, this sort of preparation takes a lot of time, so you’re going to want to start planning your event way in advance the first time around. To make it easier, create a theme for your haunted house event so that your volunteers have an idea of the displays they should be creating for your fundraiser. 


Before your fundraising event:

Give your supporters ample notice for this kind of fundraising event. Holidays are a really busy time, so if you want your fundraiser to be a success, you’ll need to allow your supporters to plan to come to your haunted house. If you’re running your fundraiser on Halloween, make sure that the location is close to where members of your community or team are trick or treating. 


Organizing your volunteers:

To make sure that your participants stay safe, have volunteers placed throughout your haunted house. The lights will be dim, so your volunteers need to be vigilant, especially if you’re going to have kids at your haunted house fundraising event. Have your volunteers dress up to compliment the theme of your haunted house to make it even more spooky! 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

Earn up to 25% cash back on everything you need for your fundraising event. Having a campaign on FlipGive earns you cash back on everything from costumes to cobwebs. 





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