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Going To Cooperstown? Here's How To Offset Those Hefty Fees

Jan 24 2018

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Baseball parents all know, Cooperstown is a huge deal for youth baseball. Teams compete all year for an invitation to participate, and some travel from thousands of miles away to participate against hundreds of other teams from all over the country. Cooperstown isn’t just a baseball tournament, it’s a family trip that requires a ton of planning, preparation, coordination, and some serious cash. We’ve put together a few ways your team can raise money, so that your entire team can make it to the tournament of the year. 


1. You don’t have to stay at the Dream Park

While staying at the Cooperstown resort is a great experience for kids, it can also be really costly. To offset the cost of the tournament, stay at a hotel close by. With your entire team in attendance, there will be plenty for the kids to do during off hours. Plus, if you choose not to stay at the dream park, you can book your hotels with hotels.com, and earn 5% cash back on your entire stay. 


2. Purchase eGift cards for your team in advance

Tournaments mean lots of meals at restaurants, especially if you’re driving with your team. When you purchase eGift cards through a FlipGive campaign page, your team earns on every meal at Cooperstown. You can purchase your eGift cards right when you decide where you’re eating, or you can purchase gift cards for your entire group and plan your meals in advance. 


3. Make sure you have the right gear

If you play more than one position, make sure you have all of your gloves. Bring several pairs of sliding pants and white baseball pants. It can be difficult to do laundry at the tournament, especially because of how many teams are competing. Make sure that your player has enough to last them through the entire week. You do not need to purchase uniforms, the Cooperstown Dreams Park gives you all the uniforms for the games, but if you’re worried about it, bring one uniform just in case. 


4. Entertainment

There’s going to be quite a bit of downtime before and during the tournament, especially if you’re driving a long distance. Have entertainment for your kids to make the drive or flight easier. 


5. Snacks

The Dreams Park has a strict no outside food policy, but you won’t be at the resort 24 hours a day. Have simple and easy snacks available for your players, like protein bars, water bottles, or Gatorade. 


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