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Getting Ready For Soccer Tryouts

Mar 20 2017

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With the back-to-school season arriving, so will the re-emergence of organized sports for youth of all ages. Whether your child is joining a recreational league or attempting to join a highly regarded school soccer team, tryouts are commonplace to create fair teams of individuals with similar skill levels.

These tryouts allow you to show off your technical skills, and fitness level. Coaches are then able to see the variety of talent and decide whether or not you’ll be a good fit on their team. For younger children, these tryouts can seem life-altering and can be a stressful event for them. Ease the stress before anticipated soccer tryouts by getting ready with the following tips:

Get Ready Ahead of Time

Being prepared and ready for the upcoming soccer season is crucial to perform to the best of your ability. There are many ways to ensure that you’re prepared for soccer tryouts, including:

Regular physical activity: Staying active, even in the off-season, helps your body to keep key muscle memory related movements intact, while continuously working to stay in shape.

Healthy eating habits: Developing healthy eating habits that are easily sustained can keep kids, and their parents, on the right track towards a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet includes plenty of protein, healthy fats, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to keep the body working efficiently.

The Day Before

The night before soccer tryouts, aim for 10 hours of sleep, or more, as sleep is crucial to a good performance. Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein the night before a tryout, to increase energy levels for the following day. Like always, staying hydrated throughout the entire day and into the night keeps your body processing vitamins and nutrients, and rebuilding its muscles and tissues to keep them primed and ready for whatever comes their way.

The Day of Soccer Tryouts

Mental preparedness is just as important as physical preparedness. Focus on the skills that you have to offer, and show off your range of abilities. Fretting the “What-if’s?” will only hold you back. Stay concentrated on the ball and the practice at hand, and you’re sure to shine in any tryout.

Always remember to complete a physical warm-up before getting started at the tryout. Jog in place, stretch your entire body gently, and calming down mentally will prepare your body, and your mind, for the upcoming challenges.

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