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Easy Fundraising Strategy For 2017

Mar 20 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Our team at FlipGive has worked with thousands of people to help ensure their fundraising work is successful. We understand the challenges you face in creating that perfect fundraising campaign, and we’ve built a proven system to help hone your strategy and ensure you achieve a well-funded campaign in 2017. In this latest post, we’ll highlight how FlipGive can support your fundraising with an easy strategy for success.

We Give You Your Own Page

Through FlipGive, you’ll have your own fundraising page, which can be created in just a few minutes. We’ll guide you on how to create your page to ensure the maximum impact on visitors, and we’ll introduce you to the concepts that capture the most attention. The process is simple and ensures that your campaign donors can be quickly sent to your web page via an email link. There’s no need to manually send the page to all potential donors individually. We’ve created a sharing button to allow you to take complete control of the process.

Bringing Your Team Together

FlipGive makes it easy to bring your team together in supporting your fundraising strategy in 2017. Our tool works with you throughout the year to ensure that each team member’s purchases count towards your goals. For example, when you’re planning team trips, you can earn cash back for your fundraising by booking through Hotels.com. This process means you’ll have access to high-quality accommodations and a great way to achieve significant returns for your campaign!

Getting Paid for Shopping

The FlipGive process ensures that you get paid simply for shopping for your teams. When you’re looking for sports gear for your school team, you can shop from the leading brands such as Nike directly through FlipGive. Each purchase you make will ensure cash is immediately sent back into your campaign funds. Over 2017, you’ll save thousands while achieving an easy fundraising strategy that cuts your work considerably.

Linking Brands with Action-Focused Buyers

In addition to helping fundraisers with an easy fundraising strategy for their 2017 campaigns, FlipGive also empowers brands in connecting with action-focused buyers. Those using FlipGive are already looking to spend their money on fundraisers, and so brands have the opportunity to create lasting business relationships based on a charity-focused approach to eCommerce.

Our experts at FlipGive are here to guide you in choosing the ideal easy fundraising strategy for your 2017 campaigns. 


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