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Boston Area Youth Baseball Leagues: An Overview

Feb 23 2016

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Boston and baseball go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that the city has several youth baseball leagues and hundreds of teams. Whether you’re new to the area or have a child who’s just getting into baseball, picking a league can be challenging. To help you decide or to give you a little more information about a few of the leagues operating in the area, here's a quick description of four of the major Boston baseball leagues for youth.


1. South Boston Little League


South Boston Little League has over 20 teams and several baseball clinics for youths between the ages of four and eight. If you're interested in an activity you and your little one can do together, the league is often looking for volunteers in the form of team parents, helpers, and coaches. Along with offering tee-ball, this league also has A, AA, and AAA teams.


2. Regan Youth League


The major aim of the Regan Youth League, which is based out of Jamaica Plain, is to provide area youth with a safe, open, and friendly environment in which to play baseball and softball. The league is open to boys and girls from all backgrounds, and along with playing ball and having fun, they also want to foster a sense of community and a spirit of encouragement for players of all skill levels. This is another great league if you're looking for a parent-child sport, because this league depends on volunteers for everything.


3. Brookline Youth Baseball


This league has programs for school-aged children as young as kindergarten, but the real opportunities for play are geared toward kids in grade three and beyond. Like many Boston baseball leagues, Brookline Youth Baseball encourages fun, safe, and family-oriented play. In fact, parents are always encouraged to stick around and help out during practices and games. This is also a school-centered league, meaning that your child will most likely end up playing with other kids from the same school. And if your child is looking for something to help build leadership skills and confidence, Brookline Youth Baseball employs youth umpires between the ages of 12 and 17.


4. Savin Hill Little League


It can sometimes be difficult to figure out the boundaries of various Boston baseball leagues, but Savin Hill Little League makes it easy for parents to figure out, and provides zip codes on their website to help you determine if your child can join the league. This non-profit league focuses on four to 12 year-olds, and encourages parents to get involved and volunteer with concession stand monitoring, fundraising, and field maintenance.


Youth sports and baseball are an excellent way to get kids out into the world in a safe environment that encourages healthy, active living, fair play, and respect. There are many Boston baseball leagues available for youths, so it’s easy for you and your kids to get involved in your community youth sports today.


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