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The 10 Best Laundry Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Mar 21 2016

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Laundry is everyone’s least favourite chore, probably because the second it’s done there seems to be ten times more of it. Here are a few tips that will help you do your laundry faster and keep your clothes longer with items you probably already have at home

1. Add vinegar to keep colors from running:

Adding ½ a cup of vinegar to your load will stop colors from running and cut your loads in half, allowing you to more easily implement this next tip.

2. Don’t combine everybody’s laundry:

Half of the time you spend doing laundry is sorting and folding the laundry when it’s done. By adding the vinegar to your loads, you won’t have to combine your kids colors and whites, so each of their laundry goes back into their basket; never sort again.

3. Remove sweat stains with Dawn dish soap and Hydrogen Peroxide:

Make a mixture of one part Dawn and two parts hydrogen peroxide. You can also add a little baking soda if the stains are really stubborn. Put the mixture directly onto the stain and leave for at least twenty minutes and watch the stains disappear!

4. Fold your clothes like this:

5. Un-shrink clothes with conditioner:

To restore shrunken clothes, soak the item in warm water with three tablespoons of conditioner for at least twenty minutes, and gently pull to stretch.

6. Stop sneakers from banging around the machine:

When washing sneakers, close the washing machine so the laces remain on the outside. This will keep them in place so they don’t make noise while washing.

7. Use tupperware to wash baseball hats:

Put baseball caps in a sealable tupperware with warm water and a tablespoon of detergent. Close the Tupperware and shake the hat a couple times and voila! Good as new, and you still keep the shape.

8. Use WD-40 and Dawn to remove oil stains even after they’ve set:

Spray a small amount of WD-40 on the oil stain and then pour baking soda on top. Use a toothbrush to scrub in the baking soda and then wash with dawn soap. The stain will lift right off.

9. Don’t wash high performance gear with the regular laundry detergent:

Washing sports gear with regular loads can damage the performance of your athletic gear. It could also transfer those hard to lose smells to clothes that don’t need as much TLC.

10. Save your high performance activewear with HEX:



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