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Back to School Essentials for Elementary School

Mar 20 2017

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As summer draws to a close, every parent's mind is opening up to the upcoming school year that is quickly approaching. After a long summer off of packing daily lunches, checking homework, and ensuring your child is prepared for the day ahead of them, getting back into habits is a tough endeavor. The following is a list of back to school essentials for elementary school pupils, to ensure that you and your loved ones are ready for the school year ahead.


Any elementary school student is going to be responsible for carrying at least one or two big items to and from school, every day. Whether this is important notes from teachers, their lunch kits, or daily agendas, ensure that your child has a suitable bag to transport these items in.

A sturdy backpack with room for a big water bottle and lunch kit helps you know that your child has the tools to build their own responsibility, but a stylish backpack also has the ability to raise a child’s confidence among their peers.

Necessary Supplies

Many elementary schools nowadays will send home lists of necessary school supplies that a student will need to purchase before the beginning of the school year. These supplies include, but are not limited to:

Get a head start on organizing these supplies by reviewing what your child has left over from the previous year, and what supplies will need to be repurchased, or purchased for the first time, this school year. Many of these supplies, such as paper notebooks, can be bought brand new second hand, or purchased in packages online.

A Lunch Kit and Water Bottle

Nothing is more important for a child’s development and learning capabilities than healthy, balanced meals and lots of water. Purchase a sizeable lunch kit for your child with separate compartments, for easy organization and routine for your child. A healthy lunch is one that consists of protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

If you’re the type of lunch packer that likes consistency, create a rotating lunch schedule, and prepare them ahead of time. By knowing what you’re packing your child, you can relax knowing that your child will enjoy eating what you made.

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