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7 self-care tips that will make you feel your best

Apr 24 2020

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With everyone at home, it can be hard to make time for yourself. It's so easy to throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day, but while that's fun for a week or two, it gets old pretty fast. Need to shake things up, and keep your mood elevated? From skincare to makeup, we have gathered 7 easy self-care tips that will not only make you look your best, but also make you feel your best.

Set up a morning routine

Adding some rituals and routines throughout your day can be quite a life saver as it will allow you to religiously dedicate some time to yourself. If you don’t know where to start, we are strong advocates of morning routines. It doesn’t need to be too long, the great thing about creating routines is that they can be adapted to your own needs. On our routine: A fresh shower, hair care with moisturizing treatments, cleansing, moisturizing and a 5 minute makeup look! If you need some inspo, this Glossier’s get ready with me is full of great tips and product to incorporate to your day-to-day.

Stay Busy with Face Masks

Face masks in all shapes and forms (clay, sheet, splash,...) are our ultimate go-to essentials to take better care of our skin. One of the best things about them is that you can apply them and keep going with your day until it’s time to take it off. Lately, we have been obsessed about multi-masking, which basically consists of applying different masks all at once to save time. You'll be mindblown by how efficient it is, this video will teach you how it's done. 

Learn to maintain your brows 

Sometimes a strong brow game is all you need to feel put together. Since we no longer have access to beauty salons, this quarantine time is our excuse to practice and get really good at doing our own brows. Take care of them on a regular basis (don’t try to take them all off in one go) with tools such as tweezers, brow shaping scissors and brushes to give them a trim. Then comes the fun part, filling them in to get flawless brows. If you love taking care of your eyebrows you’ll love this full brows tutorial from Sephora.

Master the “No Makeup Look”

Who actually has time for complicated makeup looks? Some of us are running around with a messy bun and sweatpants, so we can totally relate to the feeling. However, we all know that a little goes a long way and sometimes mascara can make you feel like a million bucks. We love Jessica Alba’s (who is a mom of 3) daily makeup routine, it looks so good that you’ll want to adopt it too.

Experiment with contouring and highlighting

Self-care also involves experimentation. If you have ever played with makeup you know that contouring and highlighting are a hit or miss, but it’s all about getting the hang of it and working with your skin type and face shape. Make it work with the following techniques brought to us by Sephora, they are a game changer. 

Get ready for date night in 10 minutes 

Self-care also means enjoying quality time with your significant other. Just because we are always with each other, doesn’t mean we can’t schedule some time-out from the hectic rhythm to dress up, put on some makeup and enjoy a date with each other. Many couples have praised this method saying that spending time with each other once the kids are sleeping has improved their quarantine life. We’ve found a great date night makeup tutorial that is so easy you’ll want to throw a date night every day. 

Finish with a Night Time Routine  

Nothing feels better than going to bed feeling refreshed and relaxed right before bed. This is why another routine we swear by is the night time routine. Cleanse your skin with makeup removers, hydrate it with serums and moisturizers, and apply an overnight mask. If you are looking for a place to start your night routine, you’ll love this get unready with me video. It's so informative that we have already added most of the products to our cart. 

What are your favorite self-care tips FlipGivers?

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