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5 things to do when your kids are discouraged with sports

Mar 03 2019

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We all know one of the greatest feelings is to see our kids work hard and succeed in sports. However and as we all know, losses are also an inevitable part of the game. Here are 5 ways to keep your kids from being discouraged in sports, from sports parents like you. 

By keeping things fun

"We’ve kept our son from being discouraged in soccer by talking about the “wins”. What did he have fun doing...when he got a great pass off and someone else scored or when he begged someone or his friends he liked playing with or a new trick he can do. We always talk about the fun before and score or goals he may or may not have got. The game needs to be fun and not just about the score." Michelle, P

By showing up

"As parents, we try to attend as many games and also practices as possible. For them to see you are enjoying watching them play, constantly encouraging them to do their best and having a great time ourselves will reinforce the kids not to give up and that we are there for all their wins and loses." Lieu, S

By reminding them that slow and steady wins the race 

"I remind them that everyone, even professionals have games where they feel discouraged. They really look up to high school, college and professional athletes. When Michael Jordan entered the NBA, his jump shot wasn't good enough. He spent his off season taking hundreds of jumpers a day to perfect it. Be the best by always being the hardest worker on the field. " Gina W & Jennifer S

By Encouraging them to focus on their strengths

"This is so tough because every child is so different, but for my boys who play hockey, it’s constant reinforcing the positives and discussing the things that have gotten them discouraged and how they can work through them. We give them the tools, such as private/group lessons outside of the normal practices to help them get better or give them a break if they are feeling overwhelmed with all other life events. In the end, they have the choice to play the sport or not, but we encourage them to take the time to think about it before making any decision." Debbi, D

By highlighting what they do right 

"There is always something she does well whether it's on or off the ice, could even be for the game or after the game in the dressing room. So I pick that and focus on that for the after game chat. It helps her see that there is more than just winning, even more than just the game." Wendy, S

By treating them with a fun day out 

"Sometimes the best way to make them feel better after a rough game is to take their minds off the game. I like to check out great weekend activities on Groupon or take them out for a nice meal out post-game. Not only it is a great opportunity to raise funds for the team, but it is a great way to spend quality time as a family to remind them that the losses are not the most important thing to focus on." - Elizabeth, G

What about you FlipGivers? How do you keep your kids from being discouraged? 

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