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5 Reasons To Build A Team

May 06 2016

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Meet the Frederick Rangers Baseball club, a baseball team from Frederick Maryland. With the help of FlipGive this team was able to raise $1,400 towards their once in a lifetime trip to the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York. This is a huge accomplishment for the Rangers team! How could a team of baseball players manage to band together and raise enough money for their trip? The answer is simple; they did it as a team.

FlipGive provides fundraisers the opportunity to get cash back on thousands of brand name items, and the more team members you have, the more people get to take advantage of raising money by buying things they would anyway. Here are some recommendations from this awesome baseball team so that your fundraising team can win big and reach their goal!

1. More fundraisers:

Adding people to your FlipGive team allows you to create multiple fundraisers in effort to support one ultimate cause. Now your supporters are able to contribute in more ways than one.


2. Reach more supporters:

Finding supporters can sometimes be tough, especially when doing it on your own. Working in a team expands your supporter horizon, opening yours eyes to new people who are happy to help.

3. Come together as a team:

Creating a FlipGive team is a great way to bond and truly come together as one cohesive unit. 

4. Celebrate victories together:

What better way to celebrate a victory than with the people who stood by you and helped you make your dream a reality. 

5. Have fun:

Make achieving your goal a fun and enjoyable experience by sharing it with the people who want to see and help you succeed!

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