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10 things you can do to earn more during Bonus Cash Event

Mar 11 2020

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Happy Wednesday FlipGivers! One of the questions that keeps coming back to us: How can my team make the most out of FlipGive? Well, there are plenty of things that your team can do to earn more money quickly and one of them is taking advantage of our Bonus Cash Event. For two weeks, many of your favorite brands offer a higher give, giving you the opportunity to earn up to DOUBLE for your team.

Get all the equipment you need for your kids

Equipment is expensive, and there is no escaping it. Hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, football, dance, cheer - whatever your child plays, there is gear on FlipGive AND bonus cash for your team at brands like Under Armour (gives 12%), Nike (gives 12%), Dick’s Sporting Goods (gives 4%) and more. 

Book your team’s next tournament

Tournament season is upon us and as you already know there is so much you can book with FlipGive. From Hotels (get up to 4% with Holiday Inn or Hotels.com), to post-game team outings at one of our restaurants, to Entertainment (get up to 10% with Groupon): Score big on your next tournament by booking it now. 

Plan your next Vacation

Summer is near and wherever your heart takes you to, don’t forget to check if you can book it through FlipGive. Pro tip: Check out the cruises on Expedia, they give 5% back to your team.

Get ready for summer

We don't know about you, but everything about summer makes us feel excited. Treat yourself with a new skin care routine at Sephora (gives up to 4% back), switch your winter wardrobe for new spring basics at Old Navy (Gives up to 10% back), gear up with a new pair of yoga pants at Lululemon (gives 2% back). 

Get all your gifting done

Get ahead of the game by getting all the gift shopping that you need for the year. Birthdays, special occasions, coach/teacher gifts: we have a great list of brands that will please everyone and give BIG to your team. Wayfair (gives 5%), Anthropologie (Gives 12%), Macy's (Gives up to 7%): What's your pick?

Gear up in Gift Cards

A no brainer. See all the gift cards we carry and stock up in all the stores you already visit on a daily basis. Are you Beauty lover? Get a few Sephora (gives 4%) or Ulta Beauty (gives 5%) cards. Are you a moviegoer? Stock up in AMC theatre cards for the entire family. While you might not need to use them all right now, buying them during bonus cash event gives more to your team.

Book all kinds of activities

The warmer weather is around the corner and we can’t wait for more spring activities. Whether you want to take the family out for a fun day or you just want to pamper yourself, there has never been a better time to start planning your spring at Groupon (gives 10% back)

Check out our restaurants

We hear FlipGivers LOVE to stock up their favorite restaurants gift cards at places like Panera Bread (Gives 3% back), Domino's (Gives 4% back), Krispy Kreme (gives 7%), Applebee's (gives 6% back), Starbucks (gives 3% back) and more, so they can use them on the go. 

Look out for big purchases

Need a new phone, Apple gives 2% back. A new couch, Home Depot gives up to 6%. A new computer, HP gives up to 10%. It’s THAT easy. Think of every investment you need to make this year and get it NOW to earn more.

Don't forget about your daily necessities

Groceries? Check. Tax Filing? Check. Things for your home? Check. We have a list of services that you are already using and will give back to your team.

* The merchants mentioned in this story are US specific. Brands and Gives might vary for Canada.

** The gives listed above only run until March 22nd,2020. 

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