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10 Epic Kid's Birthday Fails Every Parent Can Relate To

Apr 13 2016

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Kids birthday parties (sigh). We love them and loathe them. They bring out the best and worst in our beloved children and always fall during the busiest of weeks. Even with brilliant multi-tasking and flawless planning and execution, you'll inevitably have some mishaps to deal with. Sisters and Co-owners of Sky Zone franchises in Greater Toronto, Gillian and Caroline Irving, have definitely done their time on the birthday party circuit. These busy moms share their funniest birthday moments, malfunctions and meltdowns.

1. The classic "Don't blow out my birthday candles"

2. Why blow out the candles when you can eat them instead?

3. When you attempt to make the cupcakes that seemed so easy on Pinterest

4. When your husband tries to save money on the entertainment

5. The inevitable pinata fiasco

Who's bright idea was it to invent a kid's activity where they wield a bat with a blindfold anyway??

6. And what about the kid who gets sick at the worst possible moment?

7. When your kid picks today of all days to be in the worst.mood.ever.

8. "Have a petting zoo" they said. "It'll be fun" they said.

9. When your paid princess entertainment is MIA and you have ten disappointed girls in Elsa costumes singing 'Let It Go'.

10. When your dog gets to the cake before the birthday girl

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