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10 Easy Tricks to Throw a Super Bowl Party

Jan 16 2020

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All sports lovers know this, Super Bowl parties are a ton of fun. The getting together to watch the game, fiercely rooting for your favorite team, amazing part time perfomances (who's ready for JLo?), and ALL of the snacks. Scoring a great Super Bowl party doesn't have to be hard, we've got you covered with 10 easy ideas to throw the most epic Super Bowl Party ever. 

1. DIY Concession Stand Banner 

Make it as real as it gets with a concession stand. Print this free banner, cover the table with astroturf, and put kraft bags filled with your your desired snacks on the table.

2. Epic Football Snack Stadium 

What screams Super Bowl more than a snack stadium? We found a super easy tutorial for you, no need to get crafty, all you need are snacks, drinks and dips! 

3. Game Day Paper Chain

Want to involve the kids in the process too? They will have tons of fun making this game day paper chain, and it's also a great addition to your football themed party. A win-win!

4. Touch Down Brownies

Want to push it one step further with game themed food? Check these great football party food ideas including brownies, cupcakes, appetizers, dips, bites and more. If you don't feel like cooking, why not ordering pizza or wings for your party? Get one of our gift cards here and pick your favorite party food: They never fail AND they make your team earn big.

5. Astroturf Yard Line Bunting

It doesn't have to be hard to get crafty! Get some Astroturf from Home Improvement stores like the Home Depot and create an amazing garland. It's super simple and quick, and it will add the perfect festive touch to your party.

6. DIY Balloon Football Post 

Want to know the quickest way to set the mood for game day? Balloons. Our favorite is this fun balloon football post, add diy football themed balloons for extra points

7. Football Party Mason Jars

All moms know this, mason jars are the perfect addition to any table, especially when they are Super Bowl themed! Create the most perfect game day designs with mason jars, acrylic paint, washy tape, stickers or any accents of your choice. We personally love the whistle and color coordinated straws!

8. Penalty Flag Bucket

Another super easy trick is to print these custom flag signs and paste them on paper towel buckets. Simple yet effective! 

9. Game Day Chalk Board

Chalkboards are a great football element to add to the mix. You can add some football inspired doodles, the game score, or ask the party attendees to place their guess for the winning team.

10. Custom Team Banner


Want to proudly show your team's colors? Print a custom team banner and get colorful accents such as cups, snack bags, straws and more! 

Not a fan of themed parties? We've got you too. What about going to a bar? Grab your gift card before the big game at Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Roadhouse, Applebee's, TGI Friday's, Chili's, Landry's and more. Big Fun, great food, and money for your team guaranteed! 

How are you planning to spend your SuperBowl?

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