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Easter Gift Ideas That Are Non-Chocolate

Mar 20 2017

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Chocolate is always one of the most popular Easter gift ideas. We exchange chocolate Easter eggs with family and friends, in keeping with a tradition over many years. However, if you’re looking for a different gift option this coming Easter season, we have a few alternatives for you to review. In this latest post, we’ll highlight 10 Easter gift ideas that are not chocolate-based.

1. Keepsake Boxes

Easter is a time for family to come together and celebrate with one another. What better way to remember the occasion than with a keepsake box? Remind young children of the importance of the occasion and of this special time with loved ones with a keepsake box to hold photos and other mementos. You might event start the collection off with a small personal memento.

2. Spring Doormats

It's the time of the year when kids are getting involved in the spring cleaning process. Engage your children in the spring cleaning process by giving them a spring doormat for their room. They’ll want to clean their space to ensure all areas are ready for the warmer months.

3. New Easter Clothes

Another important part of Easter is spending time with family and going to local events with loved ones. Why not get your children ready for upcoming occasions with brand new Easter clothes?


4. Vases

While not the ideal Easter gift idea for children, a new wooden vase or multiple vases for the home could be the ideal gift for adults during Easter. This will give them the opportunity to display their spring and summer flowers over the coming months.

5. Themed Towels

Another great gift for both young ones and adults during the Easter season is themed towels for the home. Towels can display Easter eggs or ducks or any other of the Easter themes for long-term use around the home.

6. Easter Coloring Kits

For the youngster with a creative side, Easter coloring kits offer a lasting way to remember this joyous period. Choose coloring books with Easter pictures and add high-quality crayons to the kit for the child to play with on those rainy spring days.

7. Toys

Easter is the time when bath toys are displayed prominently across the toy stores, with ducks and other bath accessories among the most common. Make sure your child has all the toys they need this spring season as you work to keep them playing outside in the warm spring air!

8. Easter Puppets

Let your child’s imagination grow with Easter puppets that give them the opportunity to create their own stories. This can be one of the best Easter gift ideas to inspire children for many future Easter celebrations to come.

9. Bunny Décor

With the feeling of spring and freshness in the air, invite your child to update their room with bunny décor such as bunny stickers and vinyl decals for their door. This will help your child to remember the Easter events each time they’re in their room.

By choosing one of the items highlighted here, you can ensure your child enjoys a healthy and happy Easter this year! 


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